You can use this if you don't want to have all file names hardcoded into your program. You can load them at the startup from single file (see file format below). It also can make absolute paths of relatives and can conver slashes while loading.

Sections and files

What mean now? Every file has it's name and files are divided into sections. In every section can be just one file with every name, but in different sections can be files with identical names. Both name and section are of std::string type.


File format

The file containing file list has its own format, quite similar to ini files. Lines starting with # are comments, lines looking like [this] are starts of section, with the section name inside the square brackets. The last type is file containing line. It starts with name of file folowed by one space and continuing by the path. However, be carefull, that there may be no spaces at the end, because, under Linux (and other Unix systems), files can end with spaces and it would be considered as a part of the path.

Error handling

Error handling is done like in whole vorlib. (see exception) The exception class is filelist_e. Codes are theese: