If you want to load texts from file(s), for example for easier translation, you can use this class. You can load more files by that and then get text identified by their file and name. Only thing that have to be done for translating is to translate that files.


File format

The files it loads looks like this. The first line contains file identificator (should be without spaces and special characters). Next line are theese. Each starting with # is comment. Line with text starts with name of the text (again, without spaces and special chars). Then, the text continues as it is, afer a space. If you need more-line text, just continue on another line witch you start with ~. So the more-line text would look like this:
name_of_the_text first line of it
~another line ~and next one

Error handling

Like everywhere in vorlib, it is done by exception and its heirs. This heir is texloader_e and codes are below: