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About me

Most people visiting these pages already know me. For those who don't, I can say I'm a programmer with somewhat unusual sense of humor. I like staying outdoor, moving both horizontally by my own means, and vertically, with the aid of a rope.

I don't seek employment (I'm currently employed), though I could be persuaded into small side project, consultation or teaching a course. For those interested, here's my CV.


You can contact me by various ways, some of them are listed here.

Some of the ways support PGP encryption. If you send anything sensitive (passwords, bank account numbers, plans to save world from Microsoft…), use it. The fingerprint of my public key is 460B 4CF5 E995 864B 71D7 19B7 8CB8 0BB7 F823 3AEA.

Do not write me at address vorner@uu.ucw.cz, it is dangerous as well as everything at this page.

Regarding use of these contacts: if you have a great idea to invite me to join some random really cool internet site I can not live without, do it directly. If you write my email address into a box on one of those spamming sites, you will:

About these pages

These pages were created using the Vim, GNU make tool and various scripts in Bash and Perl. If you want to see their source, first think if you really want to read the Perl hieroglyphs. If yes, write me an EMail.

If you find a grammatical, stylistic, factual, syntactical or any other, contact me by EMail. But if these pages do not work in Internet Explorer, then do not write me, instead:

I provide no guarantee whatsoever about accuracy or usefulness of information herein. In short, I wrote a lot of the text years ago and haven't read it since.