Remake is a tool for automation of compilation. It is ment as a replacement of make, automake, autoconf and this whole lot. The language is object-oriented. Each rule is described as a class and when you let a file to be created by it, you get an object. You can use this object as an input for other compilation phases (without knowing its name).

It is in early development, but it can be used to most tasks already. But some changes to the language may be expected. It is tested under linux and gcc, however, other unix systems should be supported as well with no or minimal porting efforts.


There is already a released version, remake 0.1.

You can get development version from its git repository at git:// (currently, active devolepment is in the rewrite-core branch).

Compilation & testing

Compilation is described in the INSTALL file. In short, the script will give you remake the first time and the rest can be done by remake.

Remake uses a binary cache internally to store data between runs. If you have problems recompiling, you may try removing .rem_cache, since it's format may have changed from previous versions.

If you find anything you believe is a bug, please do not hesitate to contact me. They are very probable in this stage of development and knowing about them is the first step for them to get fixed.


There is asciidoc documentation of remake here.