What's that? It is library of few c++ clesses with absolutelly nothing in common (maybe except that I needed them for something, so I wrote them). It's just bunch of classes that may be of some use.

Something before I begin:
1) It is under the General Public Licence GNU. You can freely use it, copy it, change it and so on.
2) It is completelly without any warranty that it is safe to use, without bugs or it is of some use at all.
3) It is still developed, therefore many of those classes aren't finished, may contain bugs and so.
you find a bug, check here, if it wasn't put in order, and, if not, let me know, please.

I wrote it under Linux. However, it should work under Windows as well, if not said elseway. However, to recognize what system it is on, compile it with LINUX=1 or WINDOWS=1 defined, depending on witch system you want to use it. But, how you see, it is not tested under Windows at all, please, let me know if there is a problem.

Here is full list of actually existing classes:

Of course, there are other, but those are just some on-the-edge clases that I used to help some of these or they are exception classes (see exception) and will be noticed inside description of some this "big" class.

Here you may find how to use it

Howto get that? Just try this

If you want to contact me, write me at michal.vaner@kdemail.net

I appologize for the look of these pages. I wrote them in hurry and I hope I will find some time to make them a little better, write a Czech version as well and so.

Last changed 5.1.2005