It is small, almost useless utility. All it can do is alerting you violently enough to notice about a planned event.

How does that work?

The principle is like this. You tell the program when and with what to bother you. It will popup a window with a message and will not allow you to close it for 3 seconds. In the combination of a full-screen window that blocks every work, it should be enough to interrupt all people.

Why to interrupt? Well, it may be needed to visit a school, a doctor or something with high importance.


To input a new event, run a command like this:

bully 15:30 "To school! Now!"

The time is in the same format as the one of the 'at' command. (Well, it may be because the 'at' command is used for the timing).


First realise what you want to install. It is highly unfriendly thing that allmost can not be used. That's why the use section is so short. Besides, it needs a wast amount of things to work and no one took care to write a configure script. The things are Qt4 libraries and unix program 'at' (no, it won't work on Windows, and if it would, it is not my fault). Some C++ compiler may be of use too (like g++).

Continuing? All right, you was warned. So, grab the thing, unpack it and compile the usual Qt way ('qmake && make'). There should be 2 things named 'bully' and 'bully_message'. Put them somewhere in PATH.

If you did not know what was the last paragraph about, forget this whole thing.

Known problems