Folia is an utility allowing you to take a virtual marker and draw onto your screen. Unlike the real marker, you may erase, save, load and so on.


Linux, Unix and alike

There is an outdated deb package (provided by Gigo). If you feel need to create a new or different package, please, do so. If you do not want or can use this, install from source.

For compilation and run, you need qt4 libraries. You may need some of the development tools like make or gcc.

First, you need to download and unpack the source code.

bunzip folia_0.2.tar.bz2
tar x folia.tar
cd folia

Then the actual compilation.


You should have the binary (called folia) in the actual directory. You may copy and run it as any other program.


Despite the urge to let Windows users compile as well, I made a ready-to use version, seeing how much harder it is on that system. The thing is here, but it isn't the latest version.

If you feel lucky enough to compile it, just go and give it a shot.

Other systems

Users of other systems may want to try it too. In that case, find out if Qt4 supports that system and try with the code.


The program consists of two modes, edit mode and view mode. The edit mode allows drawing, while the view mode allows you to use other applications and the hieroglyphy just stay on the screen.

Features common to both modes

There's a small circle in the upper-left corner (red by default). By clicking on it, you choose the drawing color.

You may notice a black bar at the top. Left click switches the mode. Right click calls a menu allowing to save, load and so on. Middle click terminates.

Edit mode

You can draw with your left mouse button and erase by the right one. Middle button switches to view mode.

Starting from version 0.2, it can write a text. Left-click somewhere while holding shift.

View mode

There is not much of control in here. Only middle-click on anything already drawn will switch to edit mode.

Few tips